#lovetheflaws Bar Bracelet

#lovetheflaws of pearl, calligraphy and ourselves. This bracelet can be perfectly personalised with engraving at the back of the 925 silver bar. Calligraphy by November Letters.


About #lovetheflaws Collection-


“Even the prettiest pearls have their own flaws”

Pearls are gems from nature. Their cultivation relies on oceans and lakes even after centuries of civilization. Due to unpredictable changes of the environment, pearls are more or less flawed. And these surface markings make each pearl unique!


“The art is in the imperfections”

Talented calligrapher November Letters is invited to participate in designing the Collection. The art of hand-lettering highlights the theme of embracing the flaws. The Collection brings pearl and calligraphy together!


“#lovetheflaws, #lovethenature”

As mentioned, the nature is very important for pearl cultivation. Although made of pearl is a small company, we want to contribute in protecting marine ecology. A hastag campaign was conducted to raise money for WWF Hong Kong in 2018!

#lovetheflaws Bar Bracelet

    • Freshwater Pearl
    • 925 Silver
    • Lobster clasp
    • 7.25 inches at full length with adjuster
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