About made of pearl

Our Brand


made of pearl is a Hong Kong jewellery label specialised in pearl jewellery. We were established in 2015, wishing to bring evolution to traditional pearl jewellery by featuring pearls with different components. In the coming future, our designers will continue to present unique jewelleries that suit all generations.


High Quality Pearls and Components


All pearls from made of pearl are among the top 10% quality of global pearl harvest. For gold or silver findings, they are from international enterprises which ensure supreme quality. Our precious stones are directly purchased from their birth countries. They are manufactured by leading companies in respective industry which gives extraordinary quality and prices.


Good Quality Control


Jewelleries from made of pearl are all masterpieces. Every piece of them has to pass through detailed quality analysis before packing and sending out from Hong Kong. This ensures that quality of every piece is above standard and can be preserved well within our packing.


Unique Shopping Experience


To provide you with a simple, unique and conscious shopping experience, made of pearl offers guaranteed 20 days 100% return, free worldwide delivery, bespoke service, free engraving service and one year warranty. Furthermore, our customer service team is always available via our Online Store, Whatsapp, email and social media.


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